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A lightweight, gel-cream that delivers a complexion brightening boost of hydration to those who want the benefits of a rich cream without a heavy feel. Helps banish discoloration, diminishes the visible signs of aging and helps support the skin from the effects of environmental free radical attack. Returns skin softness and bounce and leaves it looking smoother and more nourished.

This powerful, yet non-greasy hydrator, leverages a clinical dose of super-antioxidant vitamin C (THD). This ultra-stable form of vitamin C not only works on improving skin tone and texture and attacking dark spots, but it also shields the skin against visible damage from environmental assaults. Combined with the natural skin barrier boosting power of beta glucan, the natural moisture barrier of the skin is supported and more organized and primed to better absorb and utilize the vitamin C. The combination of these proven ingredients allows this product to deliver faster, longer lasting results.

Vitamin C Moisturizer

  • Dropship Delivery. Please expect 2-5 business days for delivery.

  • key ingredients


    THD vitamin C
    an antioxidant rich, lipophilic form of vitamin C that helps hydrate, brighten and improve tone and texture while supporting natural skin renewal

    Beta glucan
    a natural skin barrier fortifier that helps improve elasticity and helps the skin retain moisture

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