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Relaxing Facial

Custom 60 min

Custom to your skin care needs 

Model's Lower Face

Custom 90 min

Custom to your skin care needs

3D Pink Flower

Alpha Peel 

Anti Aging high intensity peel, helps with pigmentation and aging (two week turnover)

 3D Pink Flower

Acne Peel

Acne peel to kill unwanted bacteria and turn skin cells over at a quick rate. High intensity (two week turnover)

3D Pink Flower

Sensitive Peel

High intensity peel for those with sensitive skin but still want peel benefits (two week turn over)

Berry Branches

Seasonal Facial

Changes each season. A fun way to mix things up! Winter facial is Pomegranate Holiday Facial

At the Beach

Fanny Facial

Smooth as a babies bottom

Salts Massage

Back Facial 

Help eliminate bumbs and backne. Extractions included

Girls with Cucumber Facial

Mini me Facial 

Treat your little ones to this 45 min facial to make them feel pampered and special

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