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Indulge in a treatment that is sure to leave you feeling relieved and rested. Each massage is tailored to your needs with a quiet, serene and unique environment.

Back Massage

60 min Custom

One hour of swedish or deep tissue massage. 

Back Massage

90 min Custom

One and a half hours of swedish or deep tissue massage

Pregnant Woman

60 min Prenatal

Relax momma! I'm here to help you and your body get through the changes. 

Smiling Pregnant Woman

90 min Prenatal

For mommas who need a little extra love

On a Run

60 min Sports

Great for athletic bodies that need deep work and stretching 

Head Massage

60 min Cranial Sacral

Energetic manipulation of cerebral spinal fluid to help transform physical or emotional trauma. Best with a series of 6+

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