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Add any enhancement to a service to give yourself a boost of ultimate relaxation

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Jelly mask 

Peel off jelly masks give ultimate hydration and benefits. Comes in brightening, aging, and more all available for specific skin care needs

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Advance treatment booster

Add to any facial to give prolonged affects to benefits. Best used after peels or intense treatments

Brown Containers

Deep scalp treament

Fall into deep relaxation with this lovely scalp massage that includes a deep scalp conditioning treatment 

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Facial for post brazilian services. Eliminate ingrown hairs and softens irritated skin

Aromatherapy Oil


Add lovely aroma to your massage to help enhance total relaxation. (Aromatherapy included with facials) 

Long Eyelashes

Lash/ Brow tint

Enhance your brows or lashes with your desired color. 

Stock microderm.jpg



Diamond tip exfoliation that helps increase circulation to the surface of the skin. Progressive treatment for hyperpigmentation lightening

Treated Silk



Add select peels to any facial to receive extra exfoliation during facial treatment




A new technique that gently exfoliates dead dull skin cells in addition to vellus hair removal

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